For this field, Pro-Systems products range, goes from light or very light high-tenacity and high-resistance fabrics in carbon or aramid fiber or hybrid fabrics, for race canoes and sport boats, to fabrics impregnated into the same fibers pre-pregged with both low and standard temperature epoxy resins, for sailing boats and yachts.
For canoes and sport boats Pro-Systems offers dry fabrics from 60 gr/m2 upwards made by aramid fibers Artec® and by aramid fibers Twaron® and Kevlar® as well as light fabrics in carbon fibers 1K and 3K.
As to industrial marine applications, the various fabrics in carbon and aramid fibers as well as hybrid fabrics(carbon/aramid, carbon/polyethylene, carbon/glass, aramid/glass, etc...)can be supplied impregnated with a low temperature resin system.